A European Project

In 2013 Sportunion Austria, ENGSO Youth and the German Sports University Cologne coordinated a transnational project: Sport Respects Your Rights. Further information is available from the project website. Sports Respects Your Rights UK is a product of this original project, which itself was a follow-up from the EU-funded project “Prevention of sexualised violence in sports“, led by the German Sports Youth in 2012.


Sport Respects Your Rights: An International Project

Sport Respects Your Rights aimed to develop capacity among young Europeans at grassroots sports level (in sport club settings) to reflect, act and protect themselves against sexual and gender-based violence and harassment by working together with educated leaders in their national settings to create youth-led campaigns.

Young sports people became active agents of social change in their settings and contributed to shaping protective and participatory sports environments.

The aim is to build supportive structures for the sporting sector, adapting strategies to move the agenda for protecting young people in sports forward in each partner’s specific setting and to give the youth-led campaigns a platform.

The project was funded by the EU DAPHNE III programme which aims to contribute to the protection of children, young people and women, especially in the prevention of, and the fight against all forms of violence, including sexualised violence.

The funding ended in March 2015 and the successes of the youth-led campaigns were celebrated at a conference in Vienna. These are also captured in a booklet, which is free to download.