Edge Hill Students

Youth Leaders Meeting

A meeting was held by the ‘Sport Respects Your Rights’ youth leaders on Monday 8th June 2015 to discuss the next steps of the project. We discussed many areas to move the project forward and roles were assigned in relation to promotion, fundraising and admin. Ideas were shared about new ways to promote and spread awareness about sexual exploitation, as well as recruiting new youth members. We also focused on the development of a resource pack: something for the youth leaders to use in workshops as well as to support external parties. We also discussed the importance of robust and current information and statistics. As a team we are very excited about the future and this meeting was an excellent starting point for us to grow with the project. Laura Swaffer (PE graduate)

On the 30th of July, two of SRYR young leaders presented a workshop to the Young Advisers of Street Games. Held at the AJ Bell Stadium in Manchester, the day was a success in the promotion of the work at Sport Respects Your Rights.



Edge Hill students have been campaigning to raise awareness about sexual and gender-based violence – in sport and through sport.

Students from the Department of Sport & Physical Activity have been at the centre of this work, as well as the university sports teams.


youth meeting