Research into Safeguarding Children in Sport

Research with the Rugby Football League

Mike Hartill has collaborated with the RFL on research into safeguarding and child protection for over ten years. This is the latest report based on an extensive qualitative research project involving in-depth interviews with coaches and club welfare officers. We made a range of recommendations to the RFL and continue to work with them. Click on the image to download the report.

Research with National Lead Safeguarding Officers

With the advent of national standards for safeguarding children in British sport came the arrival of lead officers for safeguarding. In this research we interviewed a selection of these lead officers, from national governing bodies, about their role and the challenges they have faced in delivering safeguarding within sport. Click the image to access the full article.

Culture of Swim Coaching

Mel has conducted ground-breaking research on the culture of coaching in swimming. This research study used observations and interviews with sports coaches to identify the mechanisms at work to encourage athletes to conform to normalised training regimens and discusses the potential negative impact of this culture on athletes’ physical and mental health and wellbeing.