Sexual Abuse in Sport Research

We have over a decade of experience producing research on sexual exploitation and abuse in the context of sports. We have worked on a range of projects in this area and provide advice and support for national and international sport organisations. Click image for further information.

Mike’s work on the male victim of sexual exploitation in sport has been acclaimed internationally. Mike has conducted and published highly sensitive research with male ‘survivors’ of childhood sexual abuse in sports contexts. This work is crucial to the education and training provided by Sports Respects Your Rights and continues with the support of Survivors Manchester and the wider ‘survivor’ community.
If you are an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse in a sport or Physical Education context and would be interested in participating in a research study focused on the experiences of male victims, please feel free to contact Mike (email).
In 2012, the German Sports Youth (Deutsche Sportjugend or dsj) with ENGSO Youth, appointed 10 experts from across Europe to produce a catalogue of good practice for the European sports community and to further collaboration between European countries to prevent sexual violence in sport.
The project concluded with a conference in Berlin in November 2012, where Mike and Melanie presented research papers.
In addition, Mike drafted a set of recommendations with the dsj and the scientific team. These were submitted to the European Commission in 2013. The full text of the recommendations can be found here.
In December 2013, the substance of these recommendations was included in the European Commission’s conference on Gender Equality in Sport in in Vilnius, Lithuania, within a proposal for an action plan on gender-based violence in sport (Mike advised a specialist panel and provided commentary on proposals).
Subsequently, a significant proportion of the dsj recommendations were adopted by the Vilnius Call for Strategic Actions and established within the European Commission’s Gender Equality in Sport: Proposal for Strategic Actions 2014-2020 (‘The fight against gender based violence in and through sport: Objectives 2020’, pp.26-32).