youth meeting
On 8th June some of the youth leaders (Laura Swaffer, Stephen Mansfield, Joel Donnelly, Joe Moore and Ashleigh Morgan) met to assign roles and make a further impact to the project. The meeting discussed a lot of areas to move the project forward and roles were delegated in relation to promotion, fundraising and admin. Ideas were shared about new ways to promote our key messages and spread awareness as well as recruiting new youth members.

Much of the focus was on the production of a resource pack: something for the youth leaders to use in workshop deliveries as well as external parties to look at for a greater understanding. We came up with a structure and a rough idea of content as a foundation to build from and this will be approved by our supporting bodies, the RFL and Survivors Manchester.

We also discussed the importance of providing accurate information and statistics. A plan of action was drawn up and we are very excited to begin this resource pack. As a team we are very excited with what we can do and this meeting provided an excellent platform for us to grow with the project.

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